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CD Review "Deep In My Soul "

 A down home cat that eventually found his voice while in the army in Germany comes home to down home where he hooked up with Jim Gaines and Muscle Shoals to deliver a bona fide down home date that sounds like it was cut on the ride from Memphis to Muscle Shoals. A real soul man with real soul, how come nobody sent his demos to Malaco a long time ago? This set makes it all down home no matter where you are listening. Hot stuff. 
(Ruf 1259) 

CD Review Time - Blues Matters Magazine

by Alan Pierce for Blues Matters Magazine, July 2015

From the trembling, swampy opening notes of Time To Move its clear that this is a very special record. Whether it’s the quality of the songs, the arrangement/production/performances of collaborators Eric Bibb and Staffan Astner, or the vocal gravitas of Big Daddy Wilson himself is unclear but this is a record with some serious mojo. The album’s title is it’s theme throughout and it’s a concept that resonates through every note that Wilson sings. His is a voice that is both timeless and classic, uplifting yet world-weary, but most of all authentic and unshakably magic.

CD Review Time - Rocktimes (eng)

by Joachim 'Joe' Brookes for Rocktimes, July 2015

“Time” is Big Daddy Wilson’s second release for the label Dixiefrog after “I’m Your Man”, and it continues the exceedingly successful cooperation. There are probably two men in the centre of the many musicians who accompany Big Daddy Wilson through the fourteen songs: Eric Bibb und Stafan Astner. This trio in different formations or just by itself composed all of the tracks. Besides, there are such established musicians in the line-up such as Morblus man Roberto Morbioli, bass player Paolo Legramandi, (John Lee Hooker, Zucchero, Lucky Peterson,Louisiana Red and many more) or Kai Strauss.

CD Review Time - Rocktimes (de)

by Joachim 'Joe' Brookes for Rocktimes, July 2015

Nach I'm Your Man ist "Time" das zweite Album von Big Daddy Wilson für das Label Dixiefrog. Mit vorliegender Platte wird eine äußerst erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit fortgesetzt. Im Mittelpunkt der Schar von Musikern, die Big Daddy Wilson durch die vierzehn Songs begleiten stehen wohl Eric Bibb und Stafan Astner. Dieses Trio hat in unterschiedlicher Zusammensetzung oder alleine alle Lieder komponiert. Im Line-up finden sich allerdings auch so gestandene Leute wie Morblus-Mann Roberto Morbioli, Bassist Paolo Legramandi (John Lee Hooker, Zucchero, Lucky Peterson,Louisiana Red u.v.m.) oder Kai Strauss.

CD Review Time - Wasser Prawda

by Bluespfaffe, April 2015

Es gibt zur Zeit nur ganz wenige Bluesmen hierzulande, die man gleichzeitig als Bewahrer der Tradition wie auch als Kommentatoren der Zeit ansehen kann. Big Daddy Wilson hat mit „Time“ wieder ein Album veröffentlicht, dass genau diese beiden Pole aufs schönste Vereint. Eingespielt und produziert wurde es gemeinsam mit Staffan Astner und Eric Bibb.

CD Review I'm Your Man - Mary4Music

by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, August 2013

Any woman hearing Big Daddy Wilson say "I'm Your Man", even though he was actually saying the title of his new CD, would probably respond with "Damn right you are". Man, this guys got it goin' on. Big Daddy is a distinguished and handsome looking, statuesque man who's smooth and soulful voice accentuate the package. On top of all that (like he needs more, right?) he's quite a talented composer of compassionate, emotional, spiritual and heartfelt lyrics who sounds crazy good when he sings them.

CD Review I'm Your Man - Rocktimes

from Joachim "Joe" Brookes

Die meisten Aufnahmen entstanden nicht nur in Schweden (Strawberry Studios/Moholm), sondern Big Daddy Wilson hat sich für "I'm Your Man" auch mit exzellenten Musikern aus diesem Land zusammengetan. Staffan Astner (unter anderem Eric Bibb) ist der Mann an den Gitarren. Er hat hier vielfach das Bottleneck in Betrieb genommen und mit der brüderlichen Rhythmusabteilung Sven Lindvall (Bass) sowie Schlagzeuger Per Lindvall bildet er den Nukleus der Gruppe Bronk. Die hohe Qualität dieser Musiker sorgte für viel Anerkennung in Künstlerkreisen und so ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass die Liste ihrer Aktivitäten verdammt lang ist. Sie reicht von ABBA, Rebekka Bakken, Carla Bley, Crossfade über Ian Hunter, Nils Landgren, Psalm 4 bis hin zu Ron Sexsmith oder Stevie Wonder.

CD Review I'm Your Man - Wasser Prawda

Dieser Stimme glaubt man einfach, will es schlicht schon nach den ersten Noten tun: Big Daddy Wilson zählt mit seinem Bariton zu den Sängern, dies- und jenseits des Atlantik, die wissen, dass ohne Seele, ohne jede Menge Soul, kein Bluessong wirklich funktioniert. Und ob er nun auf „I‘m Your Man“ ewige Liebe jenseits von Schmerzen und den ewigen Verwungdungen verspricht oder vom ewigen Unterwegssein fern der Geliebten singt - Es ist immer auch ein Stück Predigt darin mit jeder Menge Trost und Ermutigung

As If Angels Were Singing


Wilson Blount's nickname "Big Daddy" did not just come around by chance. While his body powerfully arches over the conga, his hands caress it with much affection. Big Daddy is both, robust and tender at the same time. Right from the start, his performance gave the second Jazz-time-Gala a totally different accent than the night before: No noisy avant-garde excesses could be heard anymore but rather a sentimental recollection of the roots of the blues. Wilson, who otherwise plays out his affection for funk and soul, presented himself in a down to the essential reduced trio-lineup: acoustic guitar, blues harp, vocals, and percussions. And to fuel himself, he used sparkling water instead of bourbon. The man from North Carolina served a mixture of old titles (including the especially noteworthy and unusually optimistic "Working on a Railroad") along with own compositions, which might as well be easily mistaken for the good old traditionals. Songs such as "Talking to Myself" or " Walk a Mile in My Shoes" sounded like the dusty classic blues.

CD Review Thumb A Ride - Hooked On Music

from Epi Schmidt

You won't believe it, but Mr. Wilson neither discovered his blues in the Mississippi delta nor in Chicago but in good ol' Germany! There's been enough blues musicians around Europe, but this is the first time in history, when a black musician born in North Carolina strikes the blues not back home but here abroad - what a specialty! Even though, you might be able to get the "blues" in Germany time to time,…but that's another story... Big Daddy Wilson, along with his trio, prefers the acoustic style and clearly demonstrated, by releasing the "Love Is the Key" album, that it's possible to give music a softer touch. And that with a corresponding depth!